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Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

No heat damage, smooth detailed cutting, intricate patterns and a wide range of materials.

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Waterjet Cutting

14 advantages of the Herbert Phillips Mach 2 Waterjet Cutter

Important factors in guaranteeing you get the best cutting service and results.

Cost Effective – water jet cutting is cheaper than other processes.

All Materials
– waterjet cuts all materials.

– waterjet cuts very thin materials and materials over 10’’ thick.

– can cut intricately detailed patterns / shapes.

– waterjet cutting can produce part accuracies better than 0.002″

Quality Finish
– leaves a super-smooth finish, reducing the requirement for additional finishing.

No Material Damage
– waterjet cutting doesn’t heat the material and therefore avoids causing heat damage or micro fracturing.

No Material Stress
– zero stresses means zero damage.

Square Edges
– can produce cut edge squareness < 1 degree.

Minimal Kerf Widths – waterjet cutting achieves minimal kerf widths (0.025″ to 0.050″).

Will Cut Composites
– will cut various material types glued together.

Few Restrictions
– there are no material thickness-to-hole diameter ratio restrictions.

Environmentally Friendly
– waterjet cutting uses less energy and does not pollute the immediate environment.

Safe to Watch – while-you-wait customers can watch the Herbert Phillips Mach 2 in action.

Waterjet Cutting Vs Other Methods

Waterjet Cutting V Other Methods

This comparison chart is reproduced with kind permission from www.flowwaterjet.com