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Here is a selection of examples of what the Herbert Phillips Mach 2 waterjet cutting service can do. 

Waterjet Cutting - Composite Gear   Waterjet Cutting - Foam Inlay   Waterjet Cutting Gaskets

Composite Gears


Foam Inlay



Gears made from composite material   An example of how patterns can be inlaid    Intricate shapes made from very thin material
Waterjet Cutting Glass Examples   Waterjet Cutting - Glass Geko   Waterjet Cutting - Metal Examples

Various Glass Shapes


Glass Geko


Various Metal Components

Glass is notoriously difficult to cut using traditional methods. Waterjet cutting really comes into its own here.   Even glass of various textures can be cut accurately. This example shows how smooth the waterjet cutter has cut out the shape   Our waterjet cutter can cut intricate metal shapes that can be used as components.
Waterjet Cutting Metal Example 1   Waterjet Cutting - Stone Animals   Waterjet Cutting - Metal Inlay

Cutting Non-Flat Metal


Stone Shapes


Metal Inlay

This is a good example of how clever the waterjet cutter can be in detecting materials of various heights.   The waterjet cutter even cuts hard yet brittle materials with accuracy.   This is a good example of how finely the waterjet cutter can cut.