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Waterjet Cutting – Foam

Waterjet cutting is the ideal solution for cutting foam. Due to its ultra-fine water, it is able to cut this delicate material without compromising its integrity. The finished edges you can achieve as a result are clean and precise. Whereas other methods of cutting can lead to problems such as burning, crushing and tearing, there is no distortion or degradation of material when you use our waterjet cutting service.

No matter what shape you need to cut your foam into, our waterjet cutter can handle it thanks to the high-pressure cutting beam which is a mere 0.2mm (0.008”) in diameter. The more traditional approaches to cutting foam, such as die or laser cutting, are limited in terms of the thickness of the foam they can deal with; in contrast, our waterjet cutter is adept at cutting foam up to 200mm in thickness without causing any detrimental effects such as deformation or concaving.

Another obvious advantage of using waterjet cutting on foam products is the ease of use and cost-effectiveness. The waterjet cutter can work straight from a CAD drawing; there is no need to buy specialist tools or dies when you use this method, which means you’ll save time and money. The waterjet’s unrivalled precision and versatility means it can cut foam for a multitude of purposes such as packaging or furniture foam.

Other Materials Include:  Metal   Stone   Glass   Plastic   Rubber   Composites

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