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Waterjet cutting makes the task of cutting glass surprisingly quick and easy.

Waterjet Cutting – Glass

Glass is one of the most versatile and useful of substances available, and windows, mirrors, ornaments and tabletops are just some of the everyday products that are made from it. Yet its structure makes it difficult to cut without damage and wastage, as even the smallest scratch can lead to fractures on the surface. 

A waterjet cuts glass through the combination of an ultra-fine kerf and extremely high pressure. Therefore you don’t need to etch and break when you cut glass with a waterjet, which means less wasted glass and, ultimately, more profits for your business.

Waterjets blast water at such intense speeds that this process can even cut bullet-proof glass with relative ease. On the other end of the scale, waterjet cutting can also be used on very delicate glass when you use the ‘Vacuum Assist’ option.

Another product that is cut effectively by waterjets is hurricane glass. In certain areas of the world, new legislation requires the use of hurricane glass in the windows and doors of new builds. Because of its ultra-tough construction for obvious reasons, hurricane glass is extremely difficult to cut using diamond saws, scoring and fracturing and other conventional means. Again, waterjets are the fast becoming the popular choice for cutting hurricane glass.

So whatever type of glass you’re working with, you’ll find that waterjet cutting is a cut above all traditional forms of glass cutting.

Other Materials Include:  Metal   Stone  Composites  Plastic  Foam  Rubber

Glass is an important material both artistically and architecturally. Call us on 01242 621 090 to discuss how we can help with your project. Alternatively call in at our Toddington unit near Cheltenham Gloucestershire.

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