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Waterjet cutting is an ideal cutting system for plastics 

Waterjet Cutting – Plastic

Waterjet cutting can be used on a wide variety of plastics and the results are far superior to those of other cutting methods. This is largely down to the waterjet cutter’s fine but immensely powerful jet which achieves clean edges every time.

One of the major drawbacks to more traditional plastic-cutting techniques is the fact that the cutters tend to bind with the material due to the heat involved in the process. Other problems include stringy swarf and tools wearing out quickly. These drawbacks do not occur when using our waterjet cutting service – instead you get burr-free cuts with little mess or wastage.

Whether you’re handling PVC, acrylic or any other type of plastic, waterjet cutting is ideal because it works without polluting the edges of the material or altering its properties during the process. This is because waterjet cutting is a non-contact process and so there is minimal lateral effect on the part being cut.

Other Materials Inlcude: Metal   Stone   Glass   Composites  Rubber   Foam

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