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Waterjet Cutting – Rubber

Cutting materials like rubber can be problematic for traditional cutting methods. One common issue is that the heat created during the machining process can cause the material to bind to the cutter. The material may also become damaged and the fumes from the heat could be dangerous too. One traditional method of cutting rubber is die cutting, but this demands the use of die-cutting tools, leading to further expense and hassle. It also frequently leads to warped or concaved sides.

Thankfully, the arrival of waterjet cutting has made cutting rubber quicker, easier and cheaper. You no longer have to be limited to certain shapes because the ultra-fine, high-pressure jet of water used is exceptionally precise yet powerful. With no requirements for additional tools or dies, the process is far more efficient than methods of old.

Our waterjet cutting service is versatile and robust and allows us to cut rubber up to 240mm in thickness. It can handle a wide range of types of rubber including natural rubber, neoprene rubber, sponge rubber and silicone rubber.

Other Materials Include:  Metal   Stone   Glass   Plastic   Composites   Foam

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