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Waterjet cutting technology is revolutionising the stone and tile cutting industry. Whether it’s marble, granite, travertine, engineered stone or porcelain highly elaborate designs can be cut quickly and efficiently..

Waterjet Cutting - Stone

Unlike conventional cutting methods, a waterjet cutter can be used on any stone or tile and never requires tool changes. At a pressure of 60,000 psi, it is able to drill a starter hole in most materials, and can even be used on delicate glass when using the unique ‘Vaccuum Assist’ function.

No heat or surface stress occurs to the stone or tile during the abrasive waterjet cutting process. By preventing damage in this way, the material loses none of its original strength or appearance, an essential characteristic of stone or tile products which are often used for their aesthetic appeal.

Another key reason why waterjets are more effective than traditional cutting tools such as saws and CNCs is their fine kerfs. The waterjet's ultra-thin cutting width (which can be as narrow as 0.02”) ensures that countertop parts in slabs can be tightly nested. In this way, waterjet cutting maximises material usage and saves you money as well as time.

Thanks to the waterjet’s fine jets, it is possible to create intricate designs when cutting stone or tiles, particularly when used with a hand polisher or router for edge finishing – and cutting sink and faucet holes is made simple too. The unrivalled efficiency of waterjet cutting presents endless possibilities to get creative with stone and tile production, which is great news for your business.

Other Materials Inlcude:  Metal   Glass   Composites   Plastic   Rubber  Foam

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