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Waterjet Cutting For Engineering

Versatility + Accuracy + Efficiency is why waterjet cutting has so many applications in so many sectors of engineering

Water Jet Cutting Portfolio

Due to its versatility in the materials it can cut and the unrivaled efficiency of its technology, waterjet cutting can be used in a comprehensive range of engineering sectors including the following:

• Aerospace manufacturing
• Arms and defence
• Automobiles – including carbon fibre products
• Apparatus and machine engineering
• Construction
• Marine and shipbuilding
• Medical Engineering
• Precision Engineering

Waterjet cutting is revolutionising certain aspects of engineering through its extraordinary ability to cope with materials that traditional methods have always struggled with. Advanced composites , for instance, are an integral resource for the modern aerospace industry, but their high-strength coupled with low density makes them tricky to cut. Unlike other methods such as laser cutting, which involve the use of heat, waterjet cutters operate at low temperatures and so the waterjet does not damage the composites, presenting exciting new possibilities for the aerospace manufacturing industry.

This is just one of the many ways in which waterjet technology is contributing positively to the world of engineering. And it doesn’t stop at engineering, either – our waterjet cutting services can also be applied to art and architecture. For more information click here .