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Composite materials – those comprising several types of material were generally difficult to cut –  with the Herbert Phillips Mach 2 it’s a breeze!


Waterjet Cutting – Composites

The modern aerospace industry is highly reliant on advanced composite materials. The characteristics that make them so effective in aeroplanes – such as high-strength, low- density fibres – also makes them difficult to cut.

Before the advent of waterjet cutting, the only options available were conventional methods such as cutoff saws, band saws, carbide-tipped routers and abrasive wheels. However, while advanced composites possess ultra-stiff fibres, their matrices are weak, and they are easily damaged by the intense heat caused by conventional processes.

This problem does not occur when waterjet cutting technology is applied. Operating at low temperatures, waterjets do not impair the composites during the cutting process. And while traditional cutting methods leave frayed or delaminated edges, waterjet cutting leaves a smooth, clean finish due to its erosive technique.

Other Materials Include:  Metal   Stone   Glass   Plastic  Rubber   Foam

Hi-tech materials like composites can be cut accurately with hi-tech systems such as waterjet cutting. Call 01242 621 090 or cal in at our Toddington unit near Cheltenham Gloucestershire to find out more.

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